Web scraping

Web scraping is a key functionality of Surfsky, providing efficient tools for extracting information from websites. Surfsky uses advanced technologies to mimic real user devices, enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of the scraping process.

Key benefits of web scraping with Surfsky

Improved anonymity and security

Applying anti-detection technologies with real fingerprints and network isolation ensures higher levels of anonymity and security, preventing account and IP blocking during data extraction.

Residential and mobile proxies

Surfsky uses high-quality residential and mobile proxies from trusted proxy providers to prevent blocks and restrictions.


Surfsky's elastic container architecture allows scaling web scraping processes, enabling simultaneous data collection from multiple websites.

Web scraping application scenarios

E-commerce and retail

Surfsky is capable of effectively performing web scraping on major platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and AliExpress, and can be used for scenarios like:

  • Competitor Price Monitoring: Collecting data on competitors' product prices, allowing businesses to quickly respond to market changes by adjusting their prices to stay competitive.

  • Inventory and Stock Analysis: Gathering information about competitors' products, including availability, variety, and specifications, helping companies understand market trends and optimize their inventory.

  • User Review and Rating Extraction: Scraping product reviews and ratings from various platforms to analyze customer satisfaction and improve service quality.

  • SEO and Content Marketing Optimization: Extracting competitors' keywords and content to improve SEO strategies and create more engaging and relevant content.

  • Market Trends and Consumer Behavior Analysis: Analyzing data on consumer behavior and preferences to forecast market trends and adapt marketing strategies.

  • Analysis of Promotions and Marketing Campaigns: Collecting information about competitors' advertising and marketing campaigns to develop more effective promotion strategies.

Finance and banking

Web scraping in finance and banking can play a key role in enhancing efficiency, reducing risks, and improving customer service. It enables the automation of processes like:

  • Market Trend Monitoring: Collecting data on market trends, stock prices, exchange rates, and economic indicators in real-time. Analyzing global market events affecting financial markets.

  • Credit Analysis and Scoring: Gathering data on credit histories, financial reports, and ratings for open-source risk analysis related to lending and investments.

  • Competitor Analysis: Monitoring competitors' products, services, and pricing strategies. Collecting data on new financial products and industry innovations.

  • Compliance Checking: Collecting and analyzing legal and regulatory changes affecting the financial sector to maintain compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Using data to test and refine trading models and algorithms, allowing traders and investors to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies under various market conditions.

Marketing and market research

In marketing and market research, Surfsky serves as a powerful tool for companies to efficiently gather, analyze, and utilize data for informed decision-making. Some of its capabilities include:

  • Competitor Analysis: Collecting data on competitors' products, prices, and marketing strategies. Monitoring changes on competitors' sites, including new products, price changes, and marketing actions.

  • Consumer Trend Study: Gathering data from retail sites and online trading platforms to analyze consumer demand trends. Extracting consumer reviews and ratings to understand preferences and expectations.

  • Social Media and Review Monitoring: Analyzing brand, product, and service mentions on social networks and forums. Extracting customer review data for product and service improvement.

  • SEO and Content Marketing: Collecting data on competitors' keywords and SEO strategies. Analyzing content from leading industry sites to identify effective content marketing strategies.

  • Pricing and Market Analysis: Monitoring and comparing prices of products and services across regions and platforms. Analyzing market conditions and demand for optimal pricing strategies.

  • New Product and Service Development: Collecting data on industry innovations for the development of innovative products. Analyzing consumer preferences for products that better meet market needs.

Media and journalism

Web scraping with Surfsky can play a significant role in media and journalism, facilitating collection, analysis, and dissemination of information. It enables automatic tracking and aggregation of news materials from various sources, speeding up identification of trends and important events. Some possibilities include:

  • News Data Collection: Gathering news and articles from various information platforms and sites. This allows for quick updates on current events from around the world.

  • Social Media and Forum Monitoring: To identify public sentiment, discussions, and trends that may not be obvious in traditional media. This can be useful for identifying potential stories or trends.

  • Trend Analysis: Tracking and analyzing Internet trends, including search queries, popular topics, and discussions on social media.

  • Investigative Journalism: Collecting large volumes of data from government websites, archives, and other sources for research articles and investigations.

  • Content Analysis: Collecting articles, blogs, and other publications for subsequent content, writing styles, and mentions analysis.

  • Content Archiving: Preserving important news articles and informational materials for future research and archives.

  • Website Change Tracking: Monitoring updates on specific web pages, including official government sites, for information on new bills, political statements, and policy changes.

Real estate

Surfsky can be effectively used for web scraping of online accommodation booking platforms and accommodation search platforms, including Booking, Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia. Moreover, you can use Surfsky to collect data from websites specializing in real estate sales, such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and Homesnap. This makes Surfsky a versatile tool for aggregating information about both short-term rentals and the real estate market as a whole. Use cases include:

  • Real Estate Market Analysis: Collecting data on prices, locations, features of real estate objects, helping professionals understand current trends and market dynamics. Identifying pricing trends and buyer preferences in different regions.

  • Real Estate Appraisal: Collecting information for property valuation, considering factors such as location, size, condition, and amenities.

  • Lead Generation: Extracting contact information of potential clients or real estate sellers to create a database of potential clients.

  • Investment Research: Analyzing data on real estate market value, sales and rental history to identify potentially profitable investment properties.

  • Monitoring Listings and Offers: Tracking new and existing real estate sale or rental listings on various platforms.

  • Comparative Market Analysis: Comparing prices, features, and other important parameters of real estate objects in different areas to identify the most attractive offers.

Rental and tourism

Surfsky can be used for scraping online data to optimize prices and offers in the hotel and tourism industry, helping increase business process efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Surfsky, you can perform scraping data from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Expedia Group, Orbitz, Trivago, and Vacatia. This will allow you to perform the following scenarios:

  • Monitoring prices and availability of offers: Collecting data on room prices in various hotels and hostels, allowing companies to adapt their prices according to the current market and plan special offers and promotions.

  • Competitive Analysis: Collecting information about marketing campaigns, special offers, and unique services your competitors offer. Analyzing pricing strategies and services offered by your competitors to improve your own offers.

  • Collecting Reviews and Ratings: Extracting customer reviews from tourist sites and booking platforms to assess customer satisfaction and service quality. Analyzing feedback to improve service and manage reputation.

  • Analyzing Preferences and Trends: Collecting data on popular destinations, accommodation preferences, and seasonal trends. Adapting marketing strategies and offers in accordance with current trends and demand.

  • Developing Personalized Offers: Creating personalized packages and offers based on the analysis of consumer preferences and behavior. Predicting demand and optimizing marketing campaigns for different target audiences.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Web scraping in healthcare and pharmaceuticals is used to collect and analyze large volumes of data from various sources, providing valuable information to support research, marketing strategies, and operational decisions. Web scraping can be used to perform the following:

  • Monitoring of Medicinal Products: Extracting data on new medicines, their prices, and availability in different regions. Collecting information about drug patents and their expiration dates.

  • Clinical Research Analysis: Automatic collection of data from medical journals and databases on the latest clinical research and developments. Extracting information about the efficacy and safety of medicines.

  • Collecting Patient Reviews and Opinion Analysis: Monitoring social media and forums to collect patient reviews on medicines and medical services. Analyzing public opinion and trends in healthcare.

  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data on competitors, their products, and marketing strategies. Studying market trends, supply and demand in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Collection of Regulatory and Regulatory Data: Automated collection of data on medical and pharmaceutical regulations and legislation. Monitoring changes in legislation affecting healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

  • Development of Personalized Medicine: Collecting genetic and biomedical data to support research in personalized medicine. Analyzing patient data to develop individual therapeutic approaches. Educational and

  • Research Purposes: Collecting up-to-date scientific and medical information for educational institutions and research organizations. Supporting academic research in medicine and pharmacy.

More automation use cases

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Automate and scale any performable browser action.

Lead generation

Collect data to better understand and reach potential clients.

Machine learning and AI

Create large-scale datasets from web sources to train AI models.

Price monitoring and comparison

Monitor your competitors and automatically adjust to their strategy changes.

Product development and marketing research

Use Surfsky for product development, enhancement, and conducting marketing research.

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Surfsky: a cloud-based browser automation tool that simplifies user actions without risks of blocks or bans, efficient at any scale.

Surfsky: a cloud-based browser automation tool that simplifies user actions without risks of blocks or bans, efficient at any scale.

Surfsky: a cloud-based browser automation tool that simplifies user actions without risks of blocks or bans, efficient at any scale.

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